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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Waldorf dolls

These dolls are about 16 inches tall and are made of cotton jersey with wool stuffing. They are wonderful to hold and hold heat from handling, making them very snuggly friends. All dolls have a crocheted wig and individually sewin in hair with several kinds of yarn to be more lifelike.

In an email, please let me know


Hair Length (short, shoulder length, long)

Skin color: blush, golden, brown (the first and third are in golden, the rest are blush)

Eye color: light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, light brown, dark brown, black

Hair color: blonde, light brown, dark brown, black, orange

Clothing: nightgown or overalls-see bottom if you'd like something else.

Also include anything for personalization, such as freckles, hairstyle, colors of clothing, etc.

Dolls are $65 for the doll and a basic outfit. That's half of what they usually are online, or less. I'm also going with the discount airline method-feel free to do add-ons! If you'd like a shirt and pants or a shirt and skirt, add $7. For shoes and a bag or backpack, add $10. For a hand-knit sweater, add $15. For a baby in a sling, add $12. I have these things, and will hopefully get pictures uploaded of them in a few days! If you have other ideas, email me and we'll look at them! I want it to be just what you want.