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Friday, October 16, 2009

Lincoln's blanket

Alright, this is a once in a lifetime thing-not something I'm repeating for sale! Just wanted to share it.

In my family, I have one sister and I only had girls. When I found out her first baby (due in January) was a boy, I wasn't sure what boys do! I stayed up most of the night looking up "boy things" and then drew out this blanket. I cut it out the next day and have been working on it since! Two boy bunnies doing boy stuff-it's my first attempt at something this large scale, so forgive things like the sun...the bear did end up with legs at the end!

We can't wait to meet baby Lincoln!

Natural playdoh

I made six colors and smells of playdoh today, and it was so rewarding. Plus, my house smells awesome! Starting with the brown at the top, they're chocolate colored with cocoa powder, jasmine scented and colored with turmeric, cinnamon scented and colored with cinnamon and paprika, mint scented and colored with wheatgrass, orange scented and colored with paprika and turmeric, and rose scented and colored with beet powder.

It's been raining constantly here, so sorry for the not-well-colored picture. Each ball is slightly smaller than a tennis ball. The set of them in plastic bags is $10, add $6 more to have them in small glass ball jars.